• Price: $750.00
  • Choose between the feather weight Team Layup (most fragile), our Standard Layup, the Bomber Layup (recommended for kiting and heavier riders) and the Super Bomber (our most durable but heaviest construction).


SLB surfboard logo

The SLB (Short Long Board) is the answer for surfers who want the easy paddle-ability of a longer board, with the high performance maneuverability and flair of a short board. The SLB blends a sleek and timeless outline template with a modern twist on rail shape and bottom contours to deliver a stylish and incredibly versatile one-board quiver from 2 to 10 feet. 


  • modern classic
  • quad fin
  • round pin tail


Use a fin with more rake for fast, powerful waves or use a more upright fin for smaller waves to help maximize speed and pivot. 

1 review for The SLB

  1. 5 out of 5

    I’ve had a lot of boards in the past few years and this is one I’ll always have in my quiver. While it might not be the most traditional looking board, it is a board everyone should own.

    Control/Release- 9/10. I felt comfortable on it right away. I’ve never had a board that was so predictable when I release the fins. Not only did they release at the exact moment I wanted to, but it was really easy to find that release point. Really unbelievable. I do felt like the tail could have been a bit more foiled and thinned out (a bit too thick). I only started to feel it in a bit more chop.

    Speed/Drive- 8/10. It likes to be in the pocket but also has all the speed needed for flat sections. While it’s not the fastest board I’ve surfed it clearly doesn’t feel sluggish. It’s a perfect balance in my opinion.

    Ease factor- 10/10. I feel like this deserves it’s own category as some boards do so many things well, but take a lot of effort. This board is effortless, super controlled, a lot of fun!

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