The Mongrel

  • Price: $750.00
  • Choose between the feather weight Team Layup (most fragile), our Standard Layup, the Bomber Layup (recommended for kiting and heavier riders) and the Super Bomber (our most durable but heaviest construction).


mongrel surfboard

This modern half-breed surfboard is at the top of the gene pool, combining elements of an ultra compact design platform with a balanced rocker and high performance squash tail. The mongrel easily adapts to a wide range of conditions from small onshore mush to well overhead surf and is best suited to flat faced waves where generating and carrying speed is key. This little guy is not only super fast and incredibly easy to ride, but can also lay down some serious carves on the open face. The “scooped-out” double concave deck brings your heel closer to the water’s surface giving you a super connected feel while also creating a defined ridge under your front foot and a subtle grab rail. While perhaps an acquired taste compared to some purebreds, this little mutt is sure to be your most loyal companion for years to come.


  • compact shape
  • unmatched speed and stability
  • thruster (3 fin)
  • double concave deck shape


Ride the mongrel with a high performance speed generating fin in RTM or Carbon construction. 


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