The Gap

  • Price: $750.00
  • Choose between the feather weight Team Layup (most fragile), our Standard Layup, the Bomber Layup (recommended for kiting and heavier riders) and the Super Bomber (our most durable but heaviest construction).


Gap surfboard

Fill the gap in your quiver with this high performance small to medium wave ripper. The Gap’s wide nose, relaxed entry rocker and medium-full rails facilitate speed while the ultra pulled in double winger tail creates a defined breaking point in the outline allowing you to turn on a dime for snappy, above- the-lip surfing. Fine-tuned for clean, small to medium surf, the Gap is geared toward vertical in-the-pocket surfing in beach and reef breaks where quick rail to rail speed generation and spontaneous maneuverability are essential.


  • high performance small to medium wave ripper
  • tri fin
  • rides up to 5″ shorter than standard short board


Ride the Gap with an all round fin like the AM1 in rtm or Carbon construction or similar high performance small to medium wave, speed generating fins.


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