The Doctor

  • Price: $750.00
  • Choose between the feather weight Team Layup (most fragile), our Standard Layup, the Bomber Layup (recommended for kiting and heavier riders) and the Super Bomber (our most durable but heaviest construction).


Doctor surfboard logo

A cure for just about any ailment, the doctor is a dependable all-rounder capable of operating tight in the pocket or laying down big tracks on the open face. The Doctor is fast, stable and predictable and is simply THE go-to board for nearly all conditions for intermediate to pro level surfers. This surfboard is the culmination of all my years of board design wrapped into a clean, simple package that delivers top-notch performance and proves that a good high performance short board shouldn’t be difficult to ride!


  • Go-to All rounder
  • Tri fin
  • Squash tail


The Doctor is best ridden in every day conditions with an all round fin like the AM1 in RTM/Carbon construction. In bigger waves, step it up with a EA or JC1 in the stiffer glass construction. 


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