Our Line Up

A good surfboard should be easy to ride. A good board should feel balanced and predictable with just the right amount of “explosiveness” to keep things interesting. A good board should excel in the conditions it was designed to perform in, but should also perform well in a wide range of conditions. I have compiled a range of boards that I believe will cover just about any surfer in any conditions. Each board has been relentlessly tested and refined and only those that make the cut time and again might eventually find their way into the Sky Surfboards range.

The Mongrel –
Compact Shape, Unmatched Speed and Stability

This modern half-breed surfboard is at the top of the gene pool, combining elements of an ultra compact design platform with a balanced rocker and high performance squash tail. The mongrel easily adapts to a wide range of conditions from small onshore mush to well overhead surf and is best suited to flat faced waves where generating and carrying speed is key. This little guy is not only super fast and incredibly easy to ride, but can also lay down some serious carves on the open face. The “scooped-out” double concave deck brings your heel closer to the water’s surface giving you a super connected feel while also creating a defined ridge under your front foot and a subtle grab rail. While perhaps an acquired taste compared to some purebreds, this little mutt is sure to be your most loyal companion for years to come

The Gap –
high performance small to medium wave ripper

Fill the gap in your quiver with this high performance small to medium wave ripper. The Gap’s wide nose, relaxed entry rocker and medium-full rails facilitate speed while the ultra pulled in double winger tail creates a defined breaking point in the outline allowing you to turn on a dime for snappy, above- the-lip surfing. Fine-tuned for clean, small to medium surf, the Gap is geared toward vertical in-the-pocket surfing in beach and reef breaks where quick rail to rail speed generation and spontaneous maneuverability are essential.

The Slb –
the shortLong board for easy paddle performance

The SLB (Short Long Board) is the answer for surfers who want the easy paddle-ability of a longer board, with the high performance maneuverability and flair of a short board. The SLB blends a sleek and timeless outline template with a modern twist on rail shape and bottom contours to deliver a stylish and incredibly versatile one-board quiver from 2 to 10 feet.

The Doctor –
A cure for just about any ailment, a dependable all rounder

A cure for just about any ailment, the doctor is a dependable all-rounder capable of operating tight in the pocket or laying down big tracks on the open face. The Doctor is fast, stable and predictable and is simply THE go-to board for nearly all conditions for intermediate to pro level surfers. This surfboard is the culmination of all my years of board design wrapped into a clean, simple package that delivers top-notch performance and proves that a good high performance short board shouldn’t be difficult to ride!

The Hit Man –
big wave step up best suited to fast, barreling waves

When you want to get serious, it’s time to call in this professional to get the job done. The Hitman is the go to board for fast, barreling surf when you need a dependable weapon to provide extra hold and drive to make critical sections in waves of consequence.


Our Lay Ups and Add Ons

We offer different layups and add on options… here is a quick overview for you:

Lay ups

The layup refers to the amount, types and sequence of fiberglass layers that will be used to laminate your board. The layup you choose will determine the overall feel and durability of your board. The lighter the layup, the softer and more forgiving your board will feel under foot due to more torsional flex and dampening through the board’s core. However, a light layup also means that your board will quickly develop heel dents, which eventually leads to breakage. The more layers of fiberglass you add, the more the long-term durability increases, but this also adds weight and the overall feel and flex of your board becomes stiffer and less forgiving. The numbers “4” and “6” refer to the weight of the fiberglass (4 oz and 6 oz weight per square yard). “¾ Vector Net” net refers to ¾ of the deck’s surface being laminated with a layer of Vecor Net for added durability.

Fin Plugs

Futures and FCS 2 are the industry standard. FCS 2 allows you to use a 2-tab fcs fin with set screws or the new FCS 2 tool-less fins – Simply click the fins in and out without the use of screws or a fin key! Futures fins work with one simple set screw and a fin key. Choose one system and color OR mix and match fin systems AND colors as you please! Just write it in the comments section.

Foam Options

I offer two types of foam cores: Polyurethane (PU) and Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS). PU has a higher density and is heavier, while EPS has a lower density and is significantly lighter. The stronger PU blank is generally used in most surfboards in combination with a light layup because of its excellent dampening properties and feel. However, this light weight lamination will quickly break down, which is why I only recommend the “Feather” lam for pro riders wanting short-lived peak performance. Riders looking for board longevity should opt for heavier layups on PU. EPS on the other hand is so much lighter, it you can increase the layup and still have a super light board with a significantly higher strength to weight ratio. EPS boards feel slightly more buoyant and have quicker reflex than PU and offer their own unique feel.

Footstrap Inserts

If you’re ordering a kiteboard or tow board and want to add foot strap inserts I can do that too. Unless otherwise specified, I will offer 5-hole, double rows of inserts for both front and back foot that are spaced 1/2” off the stringer. This will allow you to set your straps centered or to “duck” them by 1”.

Carbon Belt

A unidirectional Carbon Belt on the bottom of the board adds strength to help prevent buckling, but mainly acts as a reflex inhibitor, adding spring and life to your board.

Tail Patch

Because the tail of a board is quite thin, it takes a lot of abuse and can dent, crack and cave in over time. A vector net tail patch helps to reduce breakage and increase the longevity of your board, while also offering a modern aesthetic.

Board Color

I offer limited custom colors (based on availability of colors). “Tail dip” is a colored tail of your choice. “Full color” is one solid color of your choice. Please enquire about any other custom paint jobs.

Logo Color

I offer the “Sky” logo in four different colors: Black, Purple, Green and Blue. Mix and match them with your favorite fin plug colors to create your masterpiece!

How we build our boards

I use Shape3D and Rhino CAD software to design all my boards. My custom-built CNC machine ensures a perfectly accurate cut every single time, allowing me to fine-tune the slightest details and test new designs against my benchmark base models. My boards are designed, shaped, laminated and sanded in my personal 100% solar-powered factory on Maui’s North Shore. I always use the highest quality US Blanks, Hexcel Fiberglass and environmentally responsible Entropy plant-based epoxy bio-resins. Each board is made to order and I strive every day to improve my designs and place quality over quantity with personalized customer service and the highest quality custom workmanship and materials.