About Sky

Born to nomadic, windsurfing parents in California, Sky and his older brother Josh spent their childhoods bouncing back and forth between the Caribbean island of Bonaire, California and Oregon where they spent countless hours in the ocean every day fishing, surfing and competing in windsurfing events.

In 2002, at the age of 18, Sky’s passion for sports and the ocean led him to begin a successful, ongoing career as a pro kitesurfer, while Josh pursued a passion for free surfing. Sky became deeply involved in testing and developing kite-specific surfboards, kites, hydrofoils and other water crafts for his long-time sponsor North and eventually started designing his own kite and surfboards in 2007.

During his years as the board designer for North kiteboarding (2009 to present), Sky’s designs have racked up multiple world championship titles around the world and are currently the top selling boards in the industry under the North label.

After several years in Australia and living out of a suitcase in various locations around the world while competing on the kite world tour, Sky now resides on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Sky continues to refine his designs on a daily basis and believes that the key to his success as a designer lies in his abilities as a rider/surfer to personally test his crafts at the highest performance levels.